Presented by: Gina Foss & Crystal Policastro

Group Challenge

Use the materials provided to create a consensus placemat with a group of 4. First, distribute role cards to decide your role in this activity. Answer the question, What do you feel is most important when you're teaching science? Put your ideas down on your post it note. Then, as a group come up with your cooperative answer and write it in the middle.

Consensus placemat and role card originals are in your folder.

*Give away-Role Cards

What is NGSS?

The Next Generation Science Standards is a multi-state effort to create new education standards that are "rich in content and practice, arranged in a coherent manner across disciplines and grades to provide all students an internationally benchmarked science education."
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NGSS Science Standards Cheat Sheets

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NGSS Activity for 1st Grade


  • Plan and conduct investigations to provide evidence that vibrating materials can make sound and that sound can make materials vibrate.
  • Sounds Boxes mini lesson/game, center, or chat station
  • Rotate with recording sheet what you think is inside

Next Gen Websites Take 10 minutes to explore this website. Choose a lesson that you can see yourself implementing right away with your class. We will discuss and share.

Engineering Design

In folder you will find NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas & Engineering Design

Examples of Engineering Lessons

Elf on the Shelf Stem

Thanksgiving Stem

Blueprint paper ( In folder)

Graph paper for older grades

*Engineering Poster give away

Valentines day/Olympics

  • House of Cards in the Folder
  • Read the article
  • Using pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks and tape-Design a person and a snowboard
  • Share successes and challenges

*Giveaway stem discussion board

*Make and take STEM Roles (Copy in folder)

Integrated STEM

  • ELA STEM Challenges


In Groups of Four- look through the book, find the setting and make it with the legos, Share

Stories with Stem Challenges

  • Math Challenges

Three Act Tasks

SEESAW Challenge

  • STEM Bins® and STEAM Bins are an ideal hands-on solution for early finishers, morning work, centers, fine motor practice, indoor recess, or positive reinforcement of behavior. They are also a creative and developmentally appropriate form of engineering for elementary students.
  • STEM Bins Give Away


Introduction-How do you run your science block? How many many times a week? How many minutes? Work with a group and list how you fit science in.

What is SCI-FRI?

  • Integration of Reading, Writing, Math, and Science
  • Independent activities
  • Center Based

Scientist of the Day

  • Lab Coat/Goggles
  • Picture
  • Badges
  • Choice Board
  • Brag Tag
  • Ask Me!

Sample Sci-Fri Lessons

  • Moon -science A to Z,
  • Pumpkins
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Winter
  • Light


  • Upper and lower grades working together
  • 2nd/5th STEM buddies building snowball structures
  • Family letters/grants
  • Egg Drop
  • Catapult

Sci-Fri Make and Take

  • Reading Notes
  • Vocabulary Poster


  • Show What you know!
  • Reflection Sheets (in folder)
  • What Stuck With You Today? -Make and Take

Helpful Websites