the world as we know it

By Brandon Busch

media and media literate

I think that media is the transfer of information to one person to another. Over the years I think that it has changed from people getting information from big news networks from TVs and on newspapers. Sometimes the news can get distorted in favor of different views, beliefs and sometimes ignorance. The world that we live in today with such amazing advancements like walking around with minicomputers that are far more advanced that larger desktops from a few years back. So the world is indeed a much different place than it was so why would the way that we get information stay the same. Well good for us it hasn’t it as grown with technology so that people can now get information from practically any place and any time unlike before when you would have to almost search out for new information it is now constantly surrounds us and quit literally at the ends of our fingertips. This information is new almost vying for our attention and it has almost become overwhelming. With all this information there is also the tendency for some things to be over looked and covered. On a more positive note I think that the world has truly benefited from this, more people know what’s happening around the world and can now find out about other people in the world and even help them. I think that the word media literate is the act of analyzing how we get our information and what information we are looking for.

Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt - The Spill

Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt-The Spill

Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt in the advertisement The Spill suggests that Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt has a sexual temptation for women. Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt supports their suggestion by showing the woman licking the yogurt and using body langue like when she starts biting her lip. The company’s purpose is to get the attention of men in order to convince men to buy their product. Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt solely targets men with a comedic and humorous tone with a underlying theme of sexuality.

Arizona Anti-Gay Bill

Brandon Busch, Current event writer


Arizona recently proposed a bill, which would allow business owners to legally refuse goods and services to individuals whose personal beliefs conflict with the business owners.

Thanks to the fantastic Arizona lawmakers, the most discriminated group in all America gets a win today from all the perseverance to further protect them from all other laws that have hurt them over the years. I’m of course talking about good old Christians. One lawmaker said, “Religious liberty is a core American and Arizona values” and this helps strengthen these values to an all-time high never before seen in America. This bill not only moves American forward but also helps bring our beloved country back. This bill will help keep your hands and conscious clear from doing business with individuals that does not value your believes and moral code. So now with a simple nod of the head, you can refuse whomever you want. The only truly despicable part of this bill was over looked in their haste to make greatness. Anyone can be refused goods and services as long as their own beliefs conflicted with the business owner. So that means this God saving bill can also be turned against the people who created it. Such as Muslims, can now refuse to do business with Christians. That’s just the start of it; the NFL saw this bill as a hindrance, which will affect their profit margin in the next super bowl so when did the NFL of all places become the spokesman for equality and justice. If they have such a problem being such big Christianophobia, we shouldn't do business with them ether. So to the Governor of Arizona, please make this dream a reality and vote yes. It is the only ethically responsible thing to do.

Weeds Theme Song

Dehumanization song

The song that I choose to perfectly describe 1984 was little boxes by Malvina Reynolds. The song is about a society that does everything the same way and thinks the exact same thing as well in a never ending cycle. The song mentions that their housing is slightly different in color but in the end it is the exact same as everyone else’s and this relates to 1984 because the living quarters may have differed slightly as well but they too were alimentally in the same decrepit state. It also mentions that the thought proses of all these people are in fact the same way that they all decide to go to the university to be put in another box. The people in 1984 all think the same way as well they are controlled by love and fear of big brother so that there is an almost blind obedience and not question what is going on or what should be done. In the song were they blindly and willingly repeat the process of transferring in out of boxes to alimentally go back into another box. This song also says that the people in the society look the exact same way like the book as well.


I took a look back at my very first post to find out what my views where back then and to see how they have changed. In my first post I define media as a place that information is transferred to one person to another. I still think that this is true and I feel that the information is commonly covered up by trivial information. I also define media literate as the act of analyzing how we get our information and what information we are looking for. I also think that this has remained the same thought I have about it now. One of the many things that I have learned is slacktivism. Slacktivism is the feel good sensation of doing something worldly important without actually doing anything or for that matter getting up out of your seat. This idea that people would do something like this really makes me mad because it damages the credibility of programs of the internet that actually do good things like the rebellion in Egypt that was organized by social media. The main thing that I will honestly take away from this call is that I should be more mindful of things that with post of do on the internet. Even though that what I post back then I might not agree with in the future the fact is that it was still me no one put a gun to my head and told me to write it. The thing that I do on the internet will always be they and can never be erased this is the electronic tattoo that I will leave behind. To me this class has more enjoyable then a traditional Language Arts class. Well first off there is the fact that that we didn’t just spend the semester reading and writing constantly but we spent the time researching and to make sure that we do it properly and not to just copy and paste the first thing that we see. The other thing is that it becomes more relatable to us than a character in another book. It helps the kids in our generation to be more responsible with the power of the internet. In the future I think that the class should be more heavily integrated online so that it could be entirely from home. The class had so of this but I think that a total online integration would help bring the class to a better point.