Science 1st Grade

Science Standards


  • Science and Inquiry

The student classifies and arranges groups of objects by a variety of properties, one property at a time. The student describes an observation orally or pictorially.

  • Physical Science

The student compares solids and liquids. The student describes the position of an object in relation to other objects.

  • Life Science

The student discusses that organisms live only in environments in which their needs can be met. The student observes living things in various environments. The student examines the structures/parts of living things.

  • Earth and Space Science

The student observes, compares, and sorts earth materials. The student discusses weather safety procedures.

  • Science and Technology

The student explores the way things work.

  • Science in Personal and Environmental Perspectives

The student engages in personal care. The student discusses healthy foods. The student discusses that humans need to practice being safe.

  • History and Nature of Science

The student is involved in explorations that make his/her mind wonder and know that he/she is practicing science. The student uses technology to learn about people in science.