and its affect on land and water in North Carolina

impact on land

The burning coal the has polluted the air with toxins.


-air has been contaminated with mercury, lead, arsenic, and other metals which can be sickly if ingested

-bad health because of the pollution

-acid rain

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impact on water

The coal-fired power plants spilled ash into the Dan River.


-couldn't eat fish from the water

-affects the food chain because of the accumulation of coal ash sediment in the bottom of the river

-water source was contaminated

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How do these tie together?

In an effort to minimize the air pollution, regulations have been made to filter the pollutants creating a coal ash substance that now pollutes the water.

North Carolina's Future

If I were to predict North Carolina's future, I believe that because of the potential severe health problems a resolution will be made to shut down more coal-fired power plants.


1: What has the ash done to the Dan River?

2: What is the best way the people of North Carolina can prevent being harmed by the pollution?