South African Apartheid

By: Brittany Ray

Where and What?

  • Where?
  • South Africa
  • When?
  • 1948-1994

Problem and Goal

  • What is an apartheid?
  • A section of segregational laws.
  • Problem:
  • Dutch Settlers came to South Africa and designed racial Separation Laws.
  • The African people did not get any political voice.
  • Goal:
  • The apartheid was meant to separate races and maintain white dominance.

Key Episodes/Events

  • Impact?
  • It made some African born citizens not rightfully citizens of their own birth country.
  • It also made many Native Africans not allowed to use certain bathrooms, sit on certain benches, obtain certain jobs and receive types of good education.
  • Worldwide?
  • Many International nation groups did certain things like cut off trade to South Africa and not allow them to participate in the Olympics. Mostly to symbolize what they were doing to the Africans; which was giving eligibility restrictions.


  • It ended because of non-stop protesting and ( the president: ) F.W de Klerk repealing the Apartheid Laws.
  • This affected South Africa today. Now all races of every kind have Human Rights and freedom of speech and opinion.

Key Player's/Figures During the Apartheid

  • F.W de Klerk - The president of South Africa during the Apartheid. He technically ended the Apartheid by repealing all Apartheid Laws.
  • Nelson Mandela - A well - known protestor who believed that no race is more superior and stood up for his rights. Mandela is considered the " African Martin Luther King Junior ."

Why Learn About the Apartheid?

  • To show the actions that lead up to today's world and what we know as Africa.
  • It also is a good lesson on the saying of ; " You can achieve if you never give up."

Nelson Mandela


F.W de Klerk

Africans After Apartheid

Thanks Mr. Mandela!!!!!!