The Good Apple Gang

Friday, September 30, 2016

Language Arts

The focus of this week's story was using information from the story to answer questions about the characters, setting, problem and solution. This is an important skill learned through repeated readings. I encouraged the students to read aloud and look back through the text when answering the questions. We also focused on answering the questions in complete sentences. If the question is, "Who was the story about?" the answer should begin with, "The story was about..." Next week our story is about Abraham Lincoln. Our focus will be deciding what the author's purpose is and discriminating between facts and opinions. Remember, you can access your child's grades and attendance online through gradebook. Please use the link below.


Can your child use more than one strategy to solve a two-digit addition problem? We have learned how to use a hundred chart, open number line and the break apart method. It is important to know more than one strategy so we can check our answer. When solving a story problem we must remember to include a label in order for our answer to be complete. Keep practicing the addition facts through 20 at home. Remember that is a free online website that your child knows how to use.


We have chicks and butterflies! On Monday, 7 chicks and 4 butterflies greeted us upon our arrival to school. It seems that our chicks have contracted a virus as several have died. As a result, Mrs. Robinson, who provided our eggs, has taken the remaining chicks home to her farm to care for them. Next week we will learn about the pumpkin life cycle in preparation for our field trip to Wendel Farm.

There are now 10 butterflies flitting around in a netted cage in Mrs. Parrish's room. We are waiting for the mealworms to emerge from their pupa stage to become beetles in Mrs. Morris' room. All of the second graders are having a great time exploring life cycles!

Next week the classes will begin to learn about how to research and write a report about a land animal. The following week your child will be assigned a land animal to write about. Great learning is happening at Bogan and your child is part of it!

Interims and Field Trip Permission Slip

In your child's ORANGE folder is his/her first trimester interim. Please look through it, sign the signature page and return only that page in the folder on Monday. You will also find the permission slip for our field trip to Wendel Farm. Please fill it out, sign it and return it by next Friday. If the permission slip is not signed and returned, your child will remain at Bogan in a first grade classroom on the day of the field trip.


October 8 - Bogan Carnival 5- 8 p.m.

October 14 - NO SCHOOL

October 18 - 2nd grade field trip to Wendel Farm 9:15 a.m.-3 p.m.

October 18 and 20 Parent-Teacher Conferences 4:15-7:30

October 25 - Second Grade Music Program 7 p.m. Bogan Cafeteria

October 28 - Halloween Party 2:30-3:30 p.m. more information to come

October 28 - Bogan Kids Night Out