Northern Ireland Conflict

By Channing Fang and Alex Powell and Autumn Redmon

What it was

The Troubles refers to approximately three decades of violence between elements of Northern Ireland's nationalist community (who mainly self-identified as Irish and/or Roman Catholic) and its unionist community (who mainly self-identified as British and/or Protestant).

Major events

The most important events are in 1609 when the conflict began. The first cease fire when they started to try and stop it. The second cease fire, and the good Friday Belfast agreement where they stopped forever.
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Impact on Northern Ireland War, was the survival of a marginalised remnant of the Irish Republican Army. Also another major impact was violence. Health was an issue too.


Gradual devolution was the best solution to the northern ireland war, which was a change to a lower state or level. Basically like going down from a higher level. This solution had to be both Irish and British to work.
Powerful tv ad about the troubles in northern ireland
Riots in Northern Ireland

Essential question

How does agreeing to stop in a war effect people? WHat are the impacts