Native Americans

By Bennett


Native Americans were some of the first people to live in america. Indians ate many different types of food from meat they caught, to fruits and vegetables they grew. Indians used many tools for different things but before they made the tools they needed materials to make them. Native Americans got their materials from the earth around them.

Food that Native Americans ate

Most Native Americans ate corn, beans, greens, dear meat, berries, pumpkin, squash, and rice. Some Native Americans that lived close to the ocean ate mainly seafood like fish and crab also in some areas people would eat sea mammals like seals. Native Americans did not eat a lot of candy because candy because it was not thought of until early explorers came but it took a couple of years for the candy to get there since most early explorers did not bring much sugary food with them because it was not very important to them. To help grow food Native Americans used many types of gardening tools like wooden and rock shovels.

Tools that Native Americans used

Native Americans normally used tools to get stuff they wanted like food. Some used wooden and rock hammers to crush things. Others used a special type of net used to catch fish and other small sea animals. Native Americans used lots of different weapons like spears, bows, and war clubs. They also used tools that were made for making other tools like the scraping tool was used to scrape bark off of sticks to make spears and arrows. Most weapons were made to catch animals for food but some of them were made for battles like war clubs and sometimes spears.

Materials used to make tools and other things

For anything that Native Americans used they needed things to make them. Native Americans used a lot of different types of hardwood like oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, walnut, rosewood, teak. They also used softwood like pine, ash, hickory, beech, birch, cedar, redwood, hemlock, fir, and spruce. Native Americans also used different types of rock like limestone, obsidian, pumice, sandstone, turquoise, garnet, soapstone, flint, sulfur, rose quartz, azure, normal quartz, pipe stone, halite, alabaster, and red jasper.


Native Americans needed lots of items. Food to eat was a very important to them to keep them healthy. Different types of tools that helped them get the food were useful. Materials were great for making tools to get the food.

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