ICP Parent Newsletter

November 18, 2015

Learning by Doing!

We have been hard at work learning a our gears, levers and electricity through experimentation in class. See pictures below.

We have also been applying the things we have learned this semester in two culminating projects. The first was an egg drop challenge where the students employed their knowledge of free fall, forces and momentum to design and build a device that would minimize the force on an egg and the momentum of its fall when dropped from the top of the football bleachers. I am thrilled to report that no eggs were lost in our test drops! We had a 100% success rate! Sadly, due to the fact that I was so excited about watching the drops I forgot to take pictures.

We are now in the process of designing Rube Goldberg machines - our second culminating project. These will be tested in the days leading up to semester exams. I will try to remember to take pictures this time.