By Gordon Korman


Capricorn was raised by his grandmother, Rain, on a secluded farm where she raised him to be a hippie. Cap has never seen what life outside the farm was like; without tai chi, tranquility and peace. Cap was taught that the government is flawed and that money is useless and this was fine until one day Rain, his only supervisor, injured herself picking plums. Now Capricorn had to go to a real school instead of being homeschooled by Rain. Cap is being dropped into an entirely different world and has to adapt the strange new rules and lifestyle while everyone at his school, Claverage High. And on top of everything they elect him school president... Throughout the book you see how Capricorn changes the people around him and how he adapts to his new lifestyle. However Rain doesn't want Capricorn to fall into the trap of normal life and tries to keep him on the right track over the phone.

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