Jacob's Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Main Characters

Jacob Gilat is a little Jewish boy living in the Ghetto of Warsaw, Poland. He was eight years-old when Alex Roslan, a Polish man, changed Jacobs life. Alex took Jacob under his wing and treated him like he was his own kid. Mela was Alex's wife and together they had two kids, Marishka and Yurek. Mela was against taking care of Jacob but she trusted Alex and allowed it. When Jacob moved into the Roslans house, Alex renamed him to Genyek. Genyek was a Polish name for Jacob to help hide his identity from any Germans.


During World War II in the Ghetto of Warsaw, Poland Jews were being arrested, being watched, and killed. All of them that weren't already killed were eventually going to end up in Auschwitz. For Jacob to avoid catastrophe, he had to sneak into an ally to meet up with Alex Roslan. When Jacob moved in Alex built him a little hiding spot under the sink to hide in if anyone came by the house. He was once spotted by a little boy and the Roslans were reported but Vladek, Mela's brother, talked them out of the Roslans hiding a Jew. Sholom was another boy that had died from Scarlet Fever and Yurek got shot when the war "ended" by a German Soldier. When the war ended Jacob was sent to Turkey to his real dad and the Roslans stayed a family and went to America.

Connections to the Righteous Among Nations Award

The Roslans earn the reward more than anyone due to the life changing acts they've made. The Roslans took care of three Jews Jacob, David, and Shalom. Although Shalom died, Jacob and David lived through WWII because of the Roslans. They illegally supported Jews risking their lives and their own children lives.


"Look!" Jacob screamed. "Russian tanks!"

I chose this quote because its interprets the ending of the war and the freedom of Jews from any danger.