The Lion and the Deer

By:Emily Ervin

Once upon a time, there was a Deer who was the King of the Jungle. The Lion however, wanted to take its place. So he challenged the deer to a contest. If the deer survived through Open Season, he would get to stay king, if he didn't he would have to give up the throne for generations. But, they weren't allowed to stay in one place for more than two minutes which made it more difficult. After they heard the first gun shot, they were off.

The deer, wanted to protect the other animals and didn't care much about the throne. He was thinking and not knowing where he was going and got cornered between three boulders. The deer heard a sudden CHING sound and nearly jumped out of his fur. A hunter had a gun pointed right where the deer's heart was. He had know where to go, if he moved or even flinched he was a goner for sure. He closed his eyes and waited for the worst. But out of the bush, a loud ROAR shook the ground, and the same lion that dared to challenge the deer jumped straight at the hunter. The lion scratched and pounced at the hunter until he ran away screaming. "Thank you, I am forever grateful for your serves ", said the deer. "No need to thank me, friend, I would not hesitate to protect fellow animals", responded the lion. " That is one reason why I am giving you the throne. You are brave and full of courage."

The next day, the deer made an announcement," This lion, and all the generations after him shall be known as the King of The Jungle!" A cheer went up from more than fifty animals. That day the lion got what he wanted, so if you do a good deed for others, you are guarantee to get one in return.