Bernstein, Oklahoma City News

The fight for death or life!!!

The real story of it all only here!

Warning,Warning,Warning,citizens of Burnstein,Oklahoma! The Great diaster and her sidekick the mini diaster have struck again! So, far we know the two villians were sent off to planet Mars!(Two hours later)"we have to get out of here ,"criedthe mini diaster . "What does it look like I'm doing riding a magical unicorn," replied the great diaster. "Hey stop argueing and lets think of a way out of here!" "Ummm, hey do you guys see that yea," scardly and shakly replied the girls.It's it's it' it'sthe minnions.So, the girls soon learnedthey are spanish minnions. "Since, the mini diaster," spoke spanish she could understand them.The minnions said "denimos aque por las bwenas"and I used my mental abillity to pick up the minnions.

So,thats my amazing villian and the Great Diaster