Presentations Beyond PowerPoint

NATC 2014

It's time to start thinking beyond PowerPoint and allow students to chose a tech tool that best conveys their message/project.

Find a rubric that can be applied easily to multiple technology tools.

Funny Toilet Paper Commercial.



  • Free for new device owners
  • $4.99 for old devices
  • Apple's iWork series

Haiku Deck

  • Free, requires an account
  • Creates beautifully visual presentations
  • Photo search does require an internet connection
Meet Haiku Deck


  • Free, requires an account
  • Allows you to view and present PowerPoints with animations
  • Has an excellent presentation screen

Web 2.0 Tools:

  • Free, web-based tool for student narratives
  • Upload any image and add voice over
  • Teacher accounts allow users to create classes
  • Also available in App Store
Creating a Narrable

  • Online flyer creator
  • Free with account; only create 5 free flyers
  • $59 annual educator account
  • Flyers can be shared via email, social media or embedded into existing website
  • Smore gives users analytics on each flyer shared
smore for teachers

  • Word Cloud Creator

Wordle Tricks:
  1. Text box in Wordle does not save your words
  2. ~ keeps words together
  3. the more you repeat a word the larger it appears
  4. Clouds are difficult to save---my students use screenshots edited in paint and saved

  • (word clouds with shape)

Apps That Record:

Story Creator App

  • Free
  • Creates story books with text, photos, video and audio!
  • Stories are saved to the iPad or shared with a free account
  • Friends will need to have the app to open the link via email


  • Free app
  • Account required to share videos
  • Creates a video from photos, videos, text and includes music
  • Also a web based version


  • Free app
  • Create and share avatar videos
  • Videos can be easily saved to camera roll, emailed or shared to social media
Tellagami App teacher tutorial

Presentation Rubrics:

Questions? --- Share!

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