El buen escribir

pasos para mejorar tu expresión

La gramática básica

  • do the subject and the verb agree?
  • do the adjective and noun agree?
  • is everything in the right order? (remember we say white house, they say house white!)
  • TENSES: check for consistency in tenses ... AND
  • check for preterite v imperfect...

La expresión

  • Did you remember that some things simply do not translate verbatim English > Spanish? ie: we had a good time (nos divertimos), NOT tuvimos un buen tiempo.
  • Are you using American slang or idiomatic expression? Chances are good it will not fit!
  • Prepositions are challenging! (ej: ella nació EL cuatro, no EN el cuatro de julio)...


  • When you were done reading, ask yourself the following:
  • Do I have all the information I need, or is there a "hole" somewhere?
  • Is there anything that I did not understand from the expression of my teammate?
  • Does the order seem appropriate (ie: a beginning, middle and end) or is it a bit helter skelter?