Shawn Leonard


Hinduism is a polytheistic religion which means they believe in many gods. Hindus believe in reincarnation, which is the rebirth of one's spirit. Karma and dharma is what hindus think influence their next life. They also believed that if you did good deeds in your present life, your next life you will be ranked higher on the caste system.

Caste System

The caste system is a rigid social structure. Birth determines caste. If you do good deeds in your present life, you will be ranked higher on the caste system during your next life. Priests were the highest rank on the caste system and the untouchables were the lowest rank.


Gandhi was a hindu. British imperialized India because they wanted natural resources. Gandhi wanted to get rid of the British rule. Gandhi also wanted India to have a self - rule. This made Gandhi a nationalist. Gandhi was using civil disobedience. One way Gandhi was using civil disobedience is the salt march. The Salt March is when Gandhi leads a march to the sea to get salt. This displays British law that the Indians have to buy it from the British.

India Divides

Due to religious conflict India was divided into Pakistan and India. The people who stayed in India believed in Hinduism. The people that left India for Pakistan converted to being Muslim.