Arrival & Dismissal

Churchill Rules and Procedures

Bell Schedule

Student Arrival - AFTER 8:10am

Tardy Bell - 8:30am

Dismissal Bell - 3:15pm

Early Release - 12:00pm

Important Details - Arrival and Dismissal

*Students must arrive AFTER 8:10am. There is no assigned supervision inside or outside before 8:10am. Students arriving before this time cause serious safety concerns. We appreciate your attention to this important matter.

*If a car rider/walker arrives to school before 8:10am, they must wait and remain on the Center Ave. sidewalk until a supervisor greets them and invites them to walk to their assigned entrance. Students and families are not allowed onto the blacktop area to allow for easy to travel traffic patterns and safety/supervision purposes.

*4th and 5th graders wishing to purchase breakfast must do so immediately upon arrival. They are not to report to thier classrooms first. 3rd grade students will be dismissed by thier teacher as a group during the 8:10-8:30am window.

*Students arriving after 8:30am must be signed-in by an adult in the office - Door A.

*Any person walking up to meet students at dismissal must remain on the Center Ave. sidewalk. DO NOT stand by dismissal doors or enter the blacktop or playground areas to meet students. Those who do so, disrupt the flow of traffic and make it difficult for our staff to safely supervise dismissal. Please direct your child to meet their pick-up person at a point on the Center Ave. sidewalk.

*Students participating in after school clubs and activities must be picked-up by 4:15pm. Repeated late pick-ups will result in removal from the club or activity.

Arrival Entrances

Each grade level will have their own designated entrance to the building. Supervisors will be ready to greet and have students enter after 8:10am. The following entrances are for ALL students.

3rd Grade - Door C (Center Ave.)

4th Grade - Door F (Center Ave.)

5th Grade - Door E (Center Ave.)

Transportation Changes

You must notify your child's teacher and the office BEFORE 2:30pm each day of any transportation changes. You may call the office at 708-798-3424, email the teacher, or send in a written note. If the information does not reach the teacher and office before 2:30pm, we will not be able to accommodate the request. The time for making changes on early dismissal days is before 11:15am.

Arrival to School


  • All students arriving by car must use the carline.
  • We will have several staff members waiting to receive and assist your child when they arrive. Please consider waiting to arrive at or after 8:10am as our arrival process moves very quickly.
  • Our carline is located on Center Ave. and extends, weather permitting, from our circle drive north towards Jamie Ln (see map). Pull all the way forward going south on Center, follow signage and staff direction, and be aware of the line traffic in front and behind you.
  • We highly encourage all of our families who are driving to use the carline. If you choose to drop off your child in order for them to walk onsite, please note the following:
    • It is safest to use the carline.
    • DO NOT travel on or use 190th St., Loomis Ave., or Poplar Ct. as a drop-off location. This causes MAJOR congestion and conflicts with our morning bus and staff member traffic.
    • DO NOT drive through or drop off in our staff parking lot.
  • If you choose to drop off your student offsite and have them walk to school, use the recommended drop location (see below) and instruct your child to use only sidewalks and cross where there are crossing guards. Car traffic should exit the neighborhood by traveling south and east form the school.

Please consider working with other families to carpool to school in order to decrease traffic congestion.


Bus riders will follow all school and transportation rules while riding the bus. Once they have arrived a staff member will greet them off the bus as they move towards their designated grade level entrances.


Walkers and bikers will follow school rules while traveling to and from school. Bikers will walk their bike once on school property as walkways may be congested. Bikers should lock their bikes at the bike rack on Center Avenue before proceeding to their designated entrance.

We highly encourage families to consider working together to coordinate students walking/biking together, increasing both safety and the number of students who walk and bike. This will also help decrease traffic congestion.

Dismissal from School

  • All students are dismissed at 3:15pm and will be escorted by supervising teachers to their designated areas (walk/bike, car, bus).
  • 3rd grade walkers and car riders will exit Door C at the end of their wing.
  • Walkers/Bikers will immediately report to the bike rack and/or their route home.
  • Bus riders will be checked-in by a staff member at their assigned bus. Students are expected to follow all transportation rules in order to continue receiving transportation services.
  • Car riders will wait on the Center Ave. sidewalk and look for their ride. Students will walk to the vehicle only once it has pulled all the way forward and come to a stop.
    • DO NOT double park on Center or any other side street. This choice creates extremely unsafe conditions for neighborhood traffic. You must travel to the end of the carline in order to not create a one lane road.
    • Please do not arrive too early for the carline as this creates an unnecessary back-up before school dismisses. Our carline typically takes 10-15 minutes with all students being picked up by 3:30pm.
    • You MAY NOT pick-up students from the carline if you are traveling north on Center.
    • DO NOT park in or turn around in neighborhood driveways.
    • We highly encourage all families who choose to pick-up in a vehicle to use the official carline. If your child is walking offsite to meet their ride please note:
      • If being picked up in a car, the carline is safest.
      • Please categorize your child's transportation as a walker to the teacher/office.
      • Provide your child with what to do in the event they are not able to locate your vehicle at the designated spot.
      • Use the recommended drop-off/meet areas (see map) in order to not cause MAJOR congestion and disruption to our traffic patterns during dismissal.
      • Regardless of your final destination, it is best to travel south and east of the school in order to exit the area (see map).