Mixed Economy

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Why Is It The Best Out There You Say...

1. Consumers have the freedom to choose their options

2. Part of the economy is left to free market, and the other part is ran by the government 3. Allocates a mixture of public and private decision making

How It Works

This economy will let you get "richer" but not to the point where you over power the poor. Decisions are made by the consumers, sellers, and the government. When running a business, the government will be involved as much as he can until you reach your goal, but at the same time you will have control over your business. Everyone will make enough, and about the same profit in able to survive. The Unites States is a great example of a mixed economy.
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Economics & Government : What Is a Mixed Economy?

Few Cons Approach

Although the mixed economy gets you the fair amount of choices, there are a few cons on this such as:

  1. citizens having to pay higher taxes
  2. since the government does not have a specific role to do, it can result in leading to unfair practices from both sides


The way you manage your economy will determine either the success or failure that you will receive. Mixed economy will grant you the enough money you'll need. It's in the right spot for you to say that it's not as a "strict" or a "too much freedom" economy. So give it a try ASAP!