In The Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe

By: Edgar Allen Poe

Brief Summary

This was the long lost diary of Edgar Allan Poe. It sheds light on the life of a master of macabre. Forbidden love between him and his aunt and her daughter. The rise and the fall of the creative genius and the truth laid bare.

Favorite Character & Quote

My favorite character in this graphic novel is Edgar obviously. He is so interesting and weird, he has two different relationships with his aunt, and later on her daughter. It is weird.

Quote: "Edgar, have you not argued that love discovered between two people, whether strangers or no, should not be dismissed?" I like this quote because it actually sounds so ridiculous that his aunt would be saying this to him. They are family and they are in love and its gross. It's not right and he knows that, yet she is trying to convince him its okay.


Someone should read this novel just simply to see how messed up Edgar Allan Poe was. Its like he was too intelligent for his own good. I enjoyed learning about what he all did and how crazy he turned.

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