Boyle's Law

Courtney Koisti


Boyle's Law was established in 1662, and it states that pressure and volume have an inverse relationship, and that when one increases the other decreases.


  1. First you have to set up the computer and the pressure sensor.
  2. Then correct the volume readings
  3. Click on collect to begin collecting data
  4. Collect the pressure vs. volume data
  5. Move the syringe so there's 5.0mL of air inside the tube and hold firmly until the pressure stabilizes
  6. Click keep
  7. Next move the syringe so there's 7.0mL of air inside and hold firmly until the pressure stabilizes
  8. Click keep
  9. Continue this procedure for syringe volumes of 9.0, 11.0, 13.0, 15.0, 17.0, and 19.0 mL.
  10. Click stop once you have completed step 9
  11. In your data table record the pressure and volume
  12. Examine the graph and decide on whether you think the relationship is direct or inverse
  13. Next click the curve fit button
  14. A best-fit curve will appear and you will know if you made the correct decision on whether the graph was direct or inverse


Observations that we made during the lab was that they were inverse, and when the volume was increased, the pressure was decreased and when the volume was decreased, the pressure was increased.
Big image


In this lab I concluded that the relationship between pressure and volume was inverse. And that as volume increases the pressure decreases. For example, when the volume was doubled the pressure was halved.