RMS Media Center Report -August '15

Check out what went on the the Media Center in August!

Media Center Stats

Student walk-in traffic - 404

This counts students who visit the media center independently. For the 10 days students were in the building in August, that's over 40/day!

Students are welcome to visit the library before and after school, as well as throughout the day with a signed pass.

Materials Circulation - 1,146 items

For the ten days students were in the building in August, we averaged about 115 books/day!

Classes - 25

We are hosting all of the English/Language Arts classes for Library Orientation.

With all classes, we also did a fun "genre quiz" where students got a better idea of what genres they might be interested in, and how knowing their favorite genres will help them find books in Destiny and our newly "genrefied" library!

We also met the Reading Assistance classes and hosted a reading day!

Other Activities in the Media Center

Textbook checkouts - We checked out all the textbooks for all the students in the building in just three days!

LevelUP@RMS Makerspace - The wall has been painted, we've purchased materials to build our tables, and students are super interested in our new littlebits kits and ozobots! We will be launching officially in September with our Maker Events!