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January 58, 2020 (Ok it just feels like it)

A great week to be a Lion! ( All sickness aside)

This week Lincoln was recognized at the PIE conference in Nashville for our Gold level status through the TBSP RTI2B implementation. Tonya, Kristen, and Leigh Anne went to the conference and represented our school at the award ceremony. They also had the opportunity to attend several workshops which presented ideas that we can use here to help us to continue to grow. One workshop of interest that Leigh Anne attended looked at how we can improve our family engagement nights to get the most bang for our buck when having families come in to be with us in the evening. We will be presenting this information in upcoming faculty meetings/leadership. The banner acknowledging our award will be hung in the front lobby. Congratulations to us! Now lets continue our "lift" of Lincoln and get those growth scores where they need to be!
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Dont' Be A Hero! (Yes, you read that correctly)

Please take care of yourself. If you are sick, because sickness happens, do not rush back here before you are better to be with your class. Your class loves you but they don't love whatever got you sent home to be away from them. Please be smart and stay home if you are sick. Infecting a whole class is never your intent when you want to come back, but with all the illness in the building I'm asking all of you to make a professional decision that if you are not anywhere near ready to come back and could possibly be contagious....stay home.

PLC Schedule And Data Reflection Documents for Monday

Schedule for Next Week's PLCs (we are changing grades 3-5 next week in order to have Michael Hubbard present for our meetings)

On Jan. 13, Shasta sent out the following schedule for looking at and reviewing data from Case 21 Benchmarks:

Monday, Feb 3 - Lincoln ELA Data Conferences

Grade 5: 8:25-9:15

Grade 3: 12:30-1:20

Grade 4: 2:20-3:10

Tuesday, Feb 4 - K-2 regular PLC for Standards Work

Wednesday, Feb 5 - Lincoln Math Data Conferences

Grade 5: 8:25-9:15

Grade 3: 12:30-1:20

Grade 4: 2:20-3:10

Please preview tutorials and data prior to coming to these meetings so that we can maximize our conversations surrounding next steps.

The links below will be the guiding documents that we will use to review our data and discuss next steps. Please have rough notes and reflections for your data on the page so we can spend the time together talking about our data not initially analyzing it. For the new Case 21 Data Michael Hubbard will be there to help us and answer questions regarding the data too.

Case 21 Data Reflection Form (Grades 3-5)

DRA and 9 Weeks Data Reflection Form (Grades K-2)


Please remember to include a description of the time off request in Skyward when it is leave without pay. This should be done by the employee when submitted. There is a box for a description. This can be brief. A simple statement of sick, family vacation, conference, or some other short explanation is sufficient. If they are out on FMLA, they can just indicate "FMLA" in the description. (This results from completing paperwork with HR, not because they think it is FMLA. Employees should know if they have completed paperwork with HR.)

Mrs. Guthrie approves all leave without pay requests for the district. If a request comes in without a description or note as to the reason for the request, this will slow down the approval.

Week At A Glance

Monday, February 3rd
  • ELA PLC Grades 3-5 with Michael Hubbard--Grade Level Planning Times

Tuesday, February 4th

  • ELA PLC Grades K-2-Grade Level PlanningTimes
  • Roaring Readers January Celebration--2:00-2:45--More informaton to follow

Wednesday, February 5th

  • Math PLC Grades 3-5 with Michael Hubbard--Grade Level Planning Times
  • Zahner and Sheppard out--Suzie Redman In!

Thursday, February 6th

  • Student of the Month Assembly (PreK-2)- 2:00 Auditorium
  • Zahner and Sheppard out--Suzie Redman In!

Friday, February 7th

  • Parent Teacher Conference Day

Lincoln Lion's Are

Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Safe

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