Mesopotamia Culture

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Culture intro

Culture is the art, religion, and achievements in daily life. Culture gives people a chance to show and practice their beliefs without it we would be motionless and speechless. Religion gave them laws and let people worship gods and goddesses. Writing gave them freedom in speech and let them write down stories, laws, and written records. It changed business and gave them one of the biggest achievements. It made specializations of labor and impacted the mathematics, science and engineering in there time and place. Innovations showed growth it gave them new specialization of labor and innovations made every day life easier for farming, building and governing ect. Achievements gave them more complex military systems and gave them a way to see how much they have evolved over time. The culture developments during the River Valley Civilizations made the biggest impact on the people.

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Writing influenced Mesopotamia's daily life web

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Architecture Fact sheet

  • They had detailed statues that they used to give to the gods.

  • Warriors had helmets that protected them.

  • Mud and water to make bricks for houses.

  • Made tablets to write on with a stylus.

  • Temples were used to pray to the gods or it was their leaders home.

  • Men and boys shaved bald.

  • They got Wool Cloth from sheep that were domesticated.

  • Woven on looms to make clothes.

  • Stone Cylinder seals to roll pink ink onto pressed documents.

  • Cuneiform was there language that they used for writing and talking.

  • influenced math and engineering

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Achievements Fact sheet

  • They had to find everything out by themselves so it made there military bad because they had to test things out.

  • Created the worlds first written language which helped the economy because they could keep written records.

  • The first government made the first military.

  • They were the first ones to write down stories, laws and records.

  • Because of the wheel they were able to trade with other places easier.

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Culture impacted Mesopotamia in their everyday life. Religion controlled most daily life activities. Writing changed businesses, and how history was kept. Architecture impacted study of mathematics, science, and engineering. Innovations allowed the creation of job specialization and a gap between social class. Achievements made the way for more complex economic and military systems. Culture impacted the River Valley civilization because it controlled Mesopotamians lifestyle like Religion, Writing, Architecture, Innovations, and Achievements.