Health & Homeland Alert Network

(HHAN) Information for School Nurses

Dear School Nurse Colleagues,

School nurses can be added to the HHAN (Health and Homeland Alert Network), and at this time we are asking that instead of individually requesting to be added, which is overwhelming the system, that you provide us with the email to which you wish to receive alerts if you are interested and we can get school nurses added as their own listserv on the network.

See below for more information regarding the Health & Homeland Alert Network.

If you are interested in receiving HHAN notifications, please click on this HHAN Listserv Sign-Up form and provide your email address.

Please complete the form by Tuesday March 10th so the Regional Consultants can provide a list as soon as possible to the HHAN system.

Click here to add your name to the HAAN Listserv

If you are interested in receiving HHAN notifications please click on the above button

HHAN Information

What is the Health & Homeland Alert Network or HHAN?

The Health & Homeland Alert Network (HHAN) is a system that delivers alerts by emails, telephone calls, text messages, and web posts to purpose‐organized groups of people.

Who runs the HHAN?

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health created the HHAN in 2003 to push critical information to every community, hospital, and health center in the Commonwealth. Today many other organizations use the HHAN.

Other parts of the state government, local governments, and non‐profit organizations all employ the HHAN.


Please be aware this is the primary way to receive important information and updates from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health School Health Unit.

Please contact the sender at directly if you no longer want to receive these communications.

Thank you.

Janet Guertin-Moruzzi BSN,RN,NCSN

Central Region School Nurse Consultant