what is Desalination?

is the removal of salt and minerals from the sea water to make it drinkable for human consumption and/or industrial use.


the things they use to make Desalination work is heat evaporative systems and flash chambers

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long term effects

the waste products it creates and also it will cost billions of dollars, will we have enough money to continue to do this?

pros and cons on humans

to make fresh drinkable water it cost lots of money, so therefore it is expensive.

when they take all the salt and minerals out of the water they have lots of salt and minerals left over that just sit there.

pros and cons on water

when they take the salt out there is a lot of salt left behind. so what are they suppose to do with all that salt? what they do is they put it back in the water an make the water even more salty. so then when they do it again its twice as salty.
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pros and cons effects on the environment

every time a gallon of water is taken in 2x the salt goes back in the water.

Fun Facts!!

did you know that..

desalination plants use more then 200 kilowatt hours each day!

it takes 8L of sea water to make 4L of fresh water!