Bucyrus Literacy Newsletter

Volume II, Issue 2, November 4, 2022

Local Literacy News:

Our BCS teachers have been hard at work incorporating student writing across the disciplines. As evidenced in the recent fall writing instruction walkthroughs, the teachers have asked their students to do quick writes and summary writing, to try peer collaborations, to focus on meaningful constructions, and to compare similar texts in an effort to give them the practice needed to grow their writing skills.

Our educators are also continuing their work with Keys to Literacy: Keys to Content Writing. They have attended training, tried out various strategies and scaffolds, and sought each other's help for ideas that work.

Additionally, in mid-October the district's teachers participated in a day of professional learning. The sessions included exploring Urban Meyer's R Factor #2 (Getting Your Mind Right), learning how to form groups using i-Ready (an online learning platform), taking a deep dive into Open Court (the elementary building's new curriculum), investigating HQSD (high quality student data), and visiting classroom engagement ideas and strategies. A takeaway from the day could be how well the ideas from the sessions aligned with one another to emphasize how important it is to have strong relationships and ongoing collaboration with students and fellow staff members.

State and National Literacy News:

Literacy at home:

So what do I do if my child struggles with writing or doesn't seem interested in writing? Become a collaborator with them and partner on writing at home. Help them inhabit the role of a writer and show them how important it is to be able to communicate well.

The suggestions below can help you get started. Asking your child's teacher for their suggestions is a great idea, too. They know your child's writing habits and can give you individualized insight that an online expert just can't provide.