ELA update

Week of November 17, 2014

Next nine weeks (January)

Hello everyone. We are almost at the end of our first semester!!! We made it. However, I like to look ahead so that too much is not put on the plate at once. In your emails, I have sent the district lesson plans for the 3rd nine week marking period. Please look over these at your leisure. When we return, we will sit down as a team and plan our standards for this time period. My goal is to have the unit assessments completed before we leave for the break. :-)
When we return on December 2nd, we will have a school wide PD on Balanced Literacy and what it looks like in the classroom. This session will be interactive and hopefully you will come away with some additional ideas to help define the balanced literacy block in your room. For more information on the components of balanced literacy, please click on the link "Balanced Literacy".

Leveled Text

Please be sure to use the leveled texts that are located in media center. There are a variety of texts that can be used for all different reading levels. This is the perfect addition to your groups during balanced literacy.

Contact Info

Andrea L. Nunn

ELA/SS Instructional Coach

Margaret Fain Elementary School