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News and Information April 26, 2020

Steps to Prepare for AP Testing

With AP® Exams just over two weeks away, here are actions to help students get ready.

This Week

AP students should review their College Board user profiles. To ensure AP students are receiving critical information, they must log in to My AP to remind them of the email address and cell phone number they have asked the College Board to use. Students are able to change how The College Board contacts them. Two days before each exam, AP students will receive an email with a personalized e-ticket that will include their eight-character AP ID code. If an AP student still doesn’t receive the email, they'll be able to access their e-ticket directly through My AP.

Support from admissions officers. Colleges have already committed to awarding credit and placement for this year’s AP Exams. Admissions officers from across the country offer words of encouragement to AP students in this video.

Weeks of April 27 and May 4

AP students should attend online AP classes and review sessions for prep week. During the final days before exams, online AP classes will focus on understanding the exam day experience and reviewing sample exam questions.

Practice submissions through the exam demo. AP students and their teachers will have access to a demo of this year’s exam experience. It will give AP students a click-through practice of the different ways to submit their responses to this year’s AP Exams. The demo will be generic across subjects, and not a practice exam. A video walk-through of the world language experience will also be available.

Week of May 11

AP students in AP world language courses download the exam app. World language students will need to download an app to test; we’ll provide them with directions and additional information by email when the app is available. The week before their exams, students can use the app to become familiar with its features, test their technology's compatibility, and check the quality of sound in their intended exam location.

PHEAA FAFSA Completion Opportunities

To help students preparing to move onto higher education, who are interested in applying for financial assistance, PHEAA is offering FAFSA completion support. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many students and their families are tweaking their higher education plans, making changes and maybe reviewing other options available to meet educational expenses. There has been a decline in the number of students completing the 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To assist students who are interested in applying for financial aid and address any concerns they may have in completing the FAFSA, PHEAA is offering FAFSA completion assistance every Wednesday in the month of May from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

If you need assistance in completing the FASFA application, please call of email:

Michael F. Burke, Higher Education Access Partner

PHEAA - Pennsylvania School Services



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BrightBytes Remote Learning Survey for Parents

Our school is partnering with BrightBytes to learn more about how our community is responding to teaching and learning remotely. We want to hear how you and your child(ren) are adjusting during this unprecedented time and learn how the district can better support you.

We are asking students in grades 3-12, as well as all teachers, principals, and parents / guardians to provide input on this survey. The survey will take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. If you have children in more than one school, please complete the survey for each child.

Your participation is crucial in providing a comprehensive understanding of how we can improve support for you and your student(s) during this time.

We will be collecting survey responses from May 4 - May 11. Below is the URL to access our district survey landing page. Once there, select the Parent survey and then select your school from the drop-down menu.

Saucon Valley District URL:

If you have questions, or run into any difficulty, please contact Pam Dobson or Jim Colbert.

Thank you so much for quickly providing this critical information. We want to do everything we can to ensure you and your student(s) are successful during this time. We appreciate you!