a little about me...

I was born on April 23, 2002. or as I call it ,world peace day. My mother said that when I first came to the world, all the lights seemed, well...brighter.Ever since then, the worlds glorious lights stayed the same, Bright. every time my birthday comes around, the lights feel like they will burst out on their own,like every causal day.

My family has a glorious history. Irish, English, Czechoslovakia, German, Austrian, Hungary, and much more.

It seems like the whole world is balancing on my shoulders.

I have 3 other siblings, Kelleen, Meredith,and Tate. They are 8,6,and 3.I am the oldest,11.My parents refer to me as "the lifesaver" I have had a lot of "journeys" ever since I stopped being a only child.

I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 birds.

And most of all,,,I LOVE ANIMALS!

2013 pics


We will stay friends forever!

david schwimmer

David Schwimmer is my dads cousin! He stared as the giraffe in Madagascar 2!


My birth stone is the diamond! I also have a real pearl!

4 days in my life

My day usually starts of with an annoying beep beep! of my alarm clock.But today,was different. we were spending the hole week in Florida! It took a day to drive there but when we finally got there,We went to the pool.i went down the water slide all day.

The next day we went to sea world. But just when we passed the front gate my dad turned around the car and started driving back towards the way we came in! i screamed,"dad! where are we going?" I said.He turned around, puffed up his cheeks and exhaled an at the same time he was exhaling,He said really fast,"we forgot the tickets!"so we drove back to the condo and got the tickets,And had a great day at sea world.

The next day we went to aquatica.i went down the same water slide 3 times!

what a day! My dad made us dinner when we got to the condo.

When we went to Busch gardens,and saw the most amazing shows!{with animals}i love animals!{my dad made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

The last day we went to discovery cove.we got to snorkel, and feed animals!{like the otters}

we ate lunch at the park an it was all free!

why i love 2013

the reason i picked 2013 as a year is because we went on our vacation this year. And during my vacation i discovered that I loved animals, but even more importantly,I found out that i wanted to be an avian specialist when I grow up.