Kazutoshi Mizuno

Creator of the Nissian GTR

Who is Kazutoshi Mizuno?

Kazutoshi Mizuno is Nissan's chief vehicle Engineer and gains an income of a about $492,000. With his accomplishments he is the first to create heavier vehicles with easier handling and also created nissan's own Nissan GTR. Also since he has created such vehicle he has brought a huge profit to the Nissan Company.


Interesting facts

  • He is said to be a funny and clever man
  • If you were to ever drive with his wife you could go 186 Mph
  • People also call him "Godzilla's Daddy".

Why i choose him.

I choose this person because i find nissan a great car brand and im also into engineering which he is a vehicle engineer and i find the Nissan GTR a amazing car