Peace and Justice-War and Violence

The Pillars of Peace, War and Violence, Climate Change

Statement on Violence

"Just as 'wars begin in the minds of men', peace also begins in our minds" (120).

Do you agree?

----International Day of Peace-----September 21, 2014-------

Sociological Statement on War and Violence: Response to the Statement on Violence.

Thoughts? Responses? Can you connect the 5 statements to conflicts/wars today?


The Pillars of Peace

How do these terms relate? Do you think any of

these concepts are more important than others

in understanding how to establish and develop

peaceful societies?

In groups, can you think of a real-world example that demonstrates how the Pillars of Peace model works?

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"The research outlined in this report shows that peace does not exist in its own right" (4).

"Climate Change Deemed Growing Security Threat by Military Researchers" Coral Davenport, The New York TImes

  • Summary
  • Connection to Resilience
  • pg. 3-4: Response to comment by Senator James Inhofe
  • Your thoughts?


By Kelly Janokowicz