By: Arian Khadivi


Born: April 20 1889.

He enlisted in the German army in 1913.

Joined the DAP in 1919. (a fascist German worker's party).

By 1921 he became the (unofficial) leader of the NSDAP or Nazi Party.

In 1933 he took dictatorial powers in Germany against the Jewish population.

He instituted anti-Jewish laws.

He began German industrialization and militarization.

He allied with Italy and Japan to create the Axis of World War II.

Throughout his rule, he planned a British invasion and bombed England.

He was the face of The Holocaust.

He was worshiped by the German's throughout The Holocaust.

After the German's lost World War II, Berlin was about to be lost to the Russians.

Hitler committed suicide in 1945 (along with killing his whole family) because he didn't want to be captured by the Russians.

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