The Paul Fisher Soccer Dream

Paul Fisher's Everyday Life

What's News?

  • Mike Costello died from getting struck by lightning at football practice.
  • Paul Fisher gets enrolled at Lake Windsor Middle School and people recognize his eyesight disabilities.
  • Paul Fisher joins the Lake Windsor Middle School and meets Joey Costello.
  • Paul's family, the Fishers, move to Lake Windsor Downs,FL from Houston.
  • Paul discovers the mysterious lake behind their house in which he finds the koi fish.
  • When the Fishers move in, they discover the everyday muck fire from the lightning storms.
  • Erik Fisher and his dad talk over the Erik Fisher Football Dream with Mike Costello.
  • Erik and Arthur Bauer kick the football repeatedly into their net behind their house.
  • Paul Fisher gets accepted into the Lake Windsor Downs MS Soccer Team by playing goalie.
  • Earlier in the story, Paul Fisher receives special glasses from watching an eclipse unprotected when he was 5 years old.

Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

Paul and Erik Fisher are very different in their personalities, and in their strengths and weaknesses, but they can also be very alike. In the story, Erik and Paul have different sports to do, in which Erik plays football and very easily joins the football team for their high school team. Unlike Erik, Paul does soccer everyday, but these two are similar since they both love and cherish their sport every time they go to practice. Also, Erik fits in easily and is actually the one kid who everyone wants to be, while Paul Fisher struggles with this, according to his eyesight problems. The boys are alike though since they both try to fit in with their peers and successfully do this- from Erik joining the football team while Paul joins the soccer team and meets Joey Costello. More or less, these two young adolescents both enjoy different things, since Erik enjoys football and popularity, and unlike Erik, Paul enjoys soccer, knowledge, and does not enjoy standing out, but they both enjoy their personalities and like their characteristics. Overall, Erik and Paul Fisher are unlike in many ways, but they are also brothers.

Tragedy Strikes.........

In Tangerine, Mike Costello was a close companion to Erik Fisher and his football dream, but a tragedy occured at football practice one day in Lake Windsor Downs. It all started of course, at the Lake Windsor Downs football practice field. To Erik and Mike, it was just any other practice, kicking field goals and running close plays from Coach Warner. That day, though, there was a very bad storm rolling over the field, but the practice was still going. Just when Mike was running a play, the lightning zapped Mike and blew him off the ground, like a rocket launch to space. After the strike, Erik and the Lake Windsor team tried everything they could to save Mike, but it was too late. They pushed, zapped, and did anything to save their lost quarterback. When Erik returned to the Fishers' house, he told his mom and Paul all about it, and they couldn't believe this shocking blow. Overall, Mike Costello was a big part of the story Tangerine, and we would have to cope with his loss.

MOYA Close Up

"MOYA" is the month of Young Adolescents, which describes the characteristics and personalities of young adults. Today, some MOYA issues include breaking friendships, and this occurs from anybody being to "dramatic" in everyday life, and because of this, relationships are broken from kids being treated differently from gossip and news. Also, teens today experience anxiety from going to a kid to a young adults. They try to perfect their talents and break down when something occurs that ruins their reputation. For example, the article "More and More Teens Suffer from Anxiety" describes how a young adult breaks down mentally from getting a bad grade, which she thought was a shocking blow. Another way teens can have issues in their lives is when they have peer pressure, and their strive to do well in everything they do. Teens and young adults get very affected by this since when friends and siblings put pressure on them, they become mentally ill and try to be perfect, leading to a disrupted failure in the things that they do. Overall, "MOYA" plays a big part in young adults' lives, and can change the way young men and women shape the world.

Lake Windsor Middle School Soccer Tryouts

Saturday, Nov. 7th, 1pm

Tangerine, FL, United States

Tangerine, FL

This is the chance to show the Lake Windsor Middle School your soccer talents! These tryouts and/or assessments will test your skills of kicking, passing, receiving, and much more! When you come to try out, we ask you to please bring these items that you can donate to our team:
  • 30 Adidas Soccer Balls
  • Black Soccer Cleats
  • 10 X 10 foot nets (goals)
  • Gloves (goalie)
Also, when you come, your attire should only consist of black shorts and a white T- shirt, and we will give you your jersey on the first day of practice!

Good Luck to the new Lake Windsor Middle School Team and everyone who is trying out!!

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Nico Izaguirre is a 13- year old young adult who enjoys many hobbies, such as golf, swimming, and tennis to name a few. He also enjoys relaxing on the beach, and the sunny mornings of spring. Also, he cherishes his dog, Belle, who keeps him very active.