Internet Safety

Helpful tips to help you stay safe on the internet

Five ways to help you stay safe

1. You should not put personal information like your phone number and address on the internet.

2. Never talk to any strangers in a chat room.

3. Do not use the same username for every website you visit.

4. Stay safe on Facebook and keep your information protected.

5. NEVER send anyone a picture of yourself, without checking with your parents first!

Five more ways to help keep you safe!

  • Do not give out your passwords to anyone. (Not even your closest friends!!!!!)

  • NEVER reply to any mean or insulting messages.

  • Tell an adult if you get a threatening or insulting message, DO NOT reply to the message and make it an even bigger problem!

  • Never make your name your username for any site. And don’t give out hints on your username like if you’re a girl don’t put prettygirl101 or anything.

  • Delete mean posts that people post about you on social networks.