Daniel Boone Homestead

Must Submit all RSVP info mentioned below before Feb. 8th

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Because of limited space & popularity of this outing, this event is only for PA Virtual Students of ALL AGES. (One Adult chaperone per student). Please find alternative care for tiny tots. 40 total spots available for this outing - First come first serve!

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The mission of the FDBH...

The mission of the FDBH is to interpret the life of Daniel Boone; the experiences of the Maugridge and DeTurk families’ ; and the settlement, development, and culture of the Oley Valley in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century and to provide recreational and educational opportunities to Pennsylvania and its visitors.

Purpose of Outing: Educational and Social

OLS Hours: 2 hours of history (120 minutes)

Daniel Boone Homestead

Friday, Feb. 12th, 9:45am-12pm

400 Daniel Boone Rd

Birdsboro, PA

For Students Kindergarten through 12th grade!

Student Admission Price: $8.00

Adult Admission: $6.00

Please bring exact change which will be collected at sign-in!

Learning Objectives

Boone House Tour Learning Objectives
The guided house tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and highlights rural life in eighteenth-century Pennsylvania, the history of the Oley Valley, and both English and German traditions that would have been prevalent at the time. Although subsequent owners altered much of the original Boone House in the late eighteenth century, the lifestyle of the Boone family is also discussed in detail as well as how they prepared for and survived the harsh winter months (clothing, housing, food, travel).

Militia Muster Activity Learning Objectives

Students will learn about the colonial militia organizations, life of the soldiers, and the equipment they carried with them. Students will form ranks and practice the “manual of arms” using wooden dummy guns. 30-60 minutes.

Lighting & Candle Dipping Activity Learning Objectives

Students will learn how homes were lit and what materials were used. They will learn about the candle-making process and dip candles. 30-60 minutes

Additional Info

To be sure that we can begin your program on time, please plan to pay the admission fee for your family with exact change and submit the below forms before the outing to HSchaffer@Pavcsk12.org if you have not done so already at a previous outing.

Individuals with disabilities who need special assistance or accommodation to visit the site should call 610.582.4900 in advance to discuss their needs.

Notes from the Friends of Daniel Boone Homestead Staff:

Homestead will be spent outdoors or in unheated buildings so please have the students dress appropriately.

The following are a few points to remember when touring the Daniel Boone Homestead:

•Food, drinks, and chewing gum are not permitted inside any historic building.

•Backpacks and lunch bags are not permitted inside any historic building.

•We appreciate the teachers and adult chaperones helping with the safety of the students and maintaining discipline.

•Please teach proper museum etiquette prior to your visit including respect for other visitors, not handling objects and keeping their voices down.

All RSVP's must be submitted BEFORE Monday, Feb. 8th!

Please send from your parent school email account to HSchaffer@pavcsk12.org

1. PA Virtual students’ full names, grades & homeroom teacher’s name

2. Full name of Adult chaperone attending (one adult chaperone per student)

3. How many total in your group?

4. Any severe allergies or medical conditions I should be reminded about?

5. Is this your first year at PA Virtual?

Because of limited space and popularity of this outing, this event is only for PA Virtual Students. (One Adult chaperone per student) Please find alternate care for your tiny tots. No strollers allowed. (40 max spaces available)

Please send these forms to HSchaffer@pavcsk12.org at least a week before the event

Reminders for all PA Virtual Events

1. In consideration of our students with serious allergies, please refrain from bringing nut (food) products and balloons.

2. As always, to limit the spread of possible flu, please do not attend a PAVCS event if you have had a fever within 24 hours of the event.

3. For safety: All student need to be accompanied by a parent or learning coach. All student must wear shoes/sneakers for the entire school event and please refrain from bringing pets.

4. If there is a possibility of severe weather, please check Blackboard the day of the event in case the even is cancelled due to weather.

5. All PAVCS events are tobacco free.