Sea Otters

By Zoe S.


A baby sea otter, called a pup, is born with a light-brown/yellow fur coat. When they get older, their fur turns to a dark brown. They have the thickest fur of any animal because of where they are found.
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Sea otters live in groups called rafts with 2 to 200 members. They will gather sea-urchins, shellfish, clams, and anything that they can pry off rocks. Female sea otters have only 1 pup at a time because each one needs to learn how to groom itself, what to eat and how to get it, how to crack open a clam with a rock, how to dive and swim, and how to make a kelp bed.
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Sea otters live in the cold waters of the Soviet Union and central California. The waters they live in are 50 to 75 feet deep. They make their homes in kelp forests in areas called ranges. They do not mind other sea otters in their range.
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