News and Reminders!

2 week enrollments due Wednesday 3.16 midnight

Next Two week enrollments are DUE Wednesday 3.16 - This covers SPRING BREAK!

All Enrollments that are submitted on time will be honored- Late enrollments can be accepted as space allows.

Full Day space will be limited!


If there is a box available to check - then you are welcome to attend!

Please print (or save) a copy of your calendar so you know what days you have submitted for your child.


Sign up for the FUN!!

There will be NO DROP IN'S During Spring Break- so add your sessions AND print your calendar when it is done! Unfortunately, we cannot take any Unscheduled Children for any reason.

Plan Accordingly!

Weather and BASE

Please have your children dressed for the weather! We enjoy as much outside time as possible After School and during our Full Days!

We want all of our kids to participate in their outside fun!

3 Strike Policy

We have implemented a new way for ALL of us to be on the same page with discipline!
Our kids have the picture below posted on the board.
Staff are discussing this new system with our kids, when we have any group activities.


1st strike-

When we enter a room - all students get the expectations for the room, and the activity. At this point we are also reminding them of the 3 strikes. Our Goal is to have the kids show us their leadership skills so THEY can be the ones delivering expectations!

2nd strike-

If there is an issue, the student is calmly spoke to be staff.

3rd strike-

If there is an another issue, then the student is removed from the area and given time to think about their choices. Soon after, staff will follow up and go over expectations and discuss what occurred.

Things to note-

  • If a child is removed form an area they are not allowed back to that area for the session. (If they are removed from Gym in Before School it ONLY applies to Before School Time. If it is a Full Day it is for half of the day)
  • Once a child receives their 3rd strike parents are notified, by phone, email or in person- and the event is documented.
  • The 3 strike policy also applies to Homework club! If you have signed your student up, but they are not following our Homework club rules, they will be removed from the cafeteria. Parents will be spoken to at pick up.

We are excited about our new system, and so far the kids are doing FANTASTICALLY!

Please contact Sherry with any questions, comments or concerns!

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