Want to be the next president?

By: Sebastian Havala

What are the requirements?

The constitution only states three requirements to be the president. The first is you have to be at least thirty-five years old. The second is you have to be a natural born citizen of the United States. Third and finally you must have lived in America for at least fourteen years.

What are the amazing rewards of being president?

The president of the United states earns 400,000 dollars every year. As president you get to use many cars that are armored and very luxurious. They also get use of a private jet called air-force one. Al tough it may only be used for business. Plus as long as you are doing presidential work you are allowed to travel to anywhere you want. For example if you are doing a foreign policy deal with Vladimir Putin and your family want to visit warm and lovely Russia you can go for free.

What do you do as president.

As president you have seven major jobs.

  1. Be the chief diplomat. This just means that you run all foreign policy and deal with political leaders from other countries.
  2. Be the chief executive. This Is just appointing people in to cabinet or making executive orders witch are practically laws that don't have to be passed by congress.
  3. Be the party leader. The president i generally viewed as the leader of his/her political party.
  4. Be the Economic leader. This means that every year you have to make a budget plan and organize how to tax citizens.
  5. Be the head of state. This means that you serve ceremonial role in ceremonies and act as a living symbol of the United States
  6. Be the legislative leader. This means that you have to sign bills into law, veto them or use a pocket veto. This also means that you have to speak to congress annually in the state of union address.
  7. Finally you have to act as the commander in chief. Thus means that you are in charge of the military and are able to send troops in to a foreign country.

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