Hurricane Sandy

The Superstorm You Want

What Was It?

Hurricane Sandy was a Category 3 hurricane that formed on the Atlantic ocean and made it's way up north. It affected Greater Antilles, Bahamas, most of the eastern United States (especially the coastal Mid-Atlantic States), Bermuda, and Eastern Canada. Sandy was born on October 22, 2012 and dissipated on October 31, 2012. It's highest winds went up to 115 mph which is 185 km/h.Sandy was not only the most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season but is also the largest Atlantic hurricane on record (as measured by diameter, with winds spanning 1,100 miles (1,800 km) .

How Was It Formed?

Hurricane Sandy began as a tropical wave in the Caribbean on Oct. 19. It quickly developed, becoming a tropical depression and then a tropical storm in just six (that's right, just six) hours! After leaving the islands, Sandy gained strength over open water and became a Category 2 hurricane. Sandy hit Cuba early on Oct. 25, then weakened to a Category 1. On Oct. 26, it swept across the Bahamas. Sandy briefly (VERY briefly) weakened to a tropical storm on Oct. 27, then gained strength again to become a Category 1 hurricane before turning north toward the coast of the USA.

The Damage

At least 286 people were killed along the path of the storm in seven countries.

  • Jamaica: Winds left 70% of residents without electricity, blew roofs off buildings, killed one, and caused about $100 million ( USA $) in damage
  • Haiti:F Sandy's outer bands brought flooding that killed at least 54, caused food shortages, and left about 200,000 homeless
  • Dominican Republic: 2 people died

  • Puerto Rico, one man was swept away by a swollen river

  • Cuba: Extensive coastal flooding and wind damage inland, destroying 15,000 homes, killing 11, and causing $2 billion (USA $) in damage
  • The Bahamas: 2 people died amid an estimated $700 million (USA $) in damage

  • Canada: 2 people were killed in Ontario and an estimated $100 million (CANDA $) in damage (throughout Ontario and Quebec)
  • United States: Affected 24 states - entire eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine, across the Appalachian Mountains to Michigan and Wisconsin, severe damage in New Jersey and New York (Sandy's storm surge hit New York City on October 29, flooding streets, tunnels and subway lines and cutting power in and around the city), $65 billion (USA $) in damage

Why Is It A Superstorm?

Hurricane Sandy itself was an extremely powerful storm and grew in power as it trudged along its way towards the USA, meeting up with an "Arctic Front" (arctic air), and getting extra support from a "Jetstream." Not only that, but Sandy will also be obtaining power from an "Arctic Blast" as it hurtles towards the East Coast of USA

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