Freestyle Skiing

Sochi 2014

Popular Athletes

Athletes: Eric and Sadie BJornsen, Colleen Curry, Nick Goepper, Bode Miller, Ted Ligety, Colleen Curry, Mikeaela Shiffrin, Lindasy Vonn

Lead in women's Moguls

Hannah Kearney of U.S.A

Men's Skiing Winner

Alex Bilodeau of Canada

History of the sport

John Johnston founded the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association. In 1979, the International Ski Federation officially accepted Freestyle as a member of the international ski community, and the first FIS sanctioned World Cup Freestyle events took place. In February 1986 the first ever FIS Freestyle World Championships were held in France. They were held for the second time in 1989 and have been held every two years since. In 2001 Canada hosted the World Championships at Blackcomb Mountain

How is it played

You preform tricks while going down a snowy slope.


There is one to five players on a team.


The sport was originated in the 1920s. It came from Italy, Norway, and Austria. It became an offical sport in 1981.

Equipment needed

Skis, ski poles, ski boots, helmet, goggles, and knee and elbow pads


Men and Women's Ski cross, Men and Women's halfpipe, Ski Slopestyle, Moguls

Medals and Results

Men's Ski cross:

First: Jean- Frederic Chapuis

Second: Arnaud Bovolenta

Third: Jonathan Midol

Women's Ski cross:

First: Marielle Thompson

Second: Kelsey Serwa

Third: Anna Holmlund

Men's Half-pipe:

First: Louri Podladtshikov

Second: Ayumu Hirano

Third: Taku Hiraoka

Women's Half-pipe:

First: Kaitlyn Farrington

Second: Torah Bright

Third:Kelly Clark

Men's Ski slope style:

First: Joss Christensen

Second:Gus Kenworthy

Third: Nicholas Goepben

Women's slope style:

First: Dara Howell

Second: Devin Logan

Third: Kim Lamarre

Men's Moguls:

First: Alex Bilodeau

Second: Mikael Kingsbury

Third: Alexander Smyshlyaev

Women's Moguls:

First: Justiene Dufour-Lapointe

Second:Chloe Dufour-Lapointe

Third: Hannah Kearney


Grab- While in the air, the skier grabs a part of their ski.

Rudy- A skier performs a flip and with one and a half or more spins.

Backscratcher- The skier touches their back with both of their skis. Their skis are parallel.

Zudnick- The skier moves their body toward their skis, keeping their skis close together.

Daffy- The athlete spreads their legs apart with one in front of their body and one behind. The ski in the front points up and the one in the back points down.

Spread Eagle- The skier extends their arm or legs while keeping their body straight and their skis parallel or perpendicular to their body.

Cross- The skier crosses their skis into an "X".


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