Timberview Trees

The trees of our school!

Texas Oak Tree

Growth rate- moderate to rapid

Climate- 38in. of rain per year.

Life span- 100 years

Leaves- Simple, Alternate 4-8in long, 3-6in wide, oval to rounded outline, 7-8 bristle-tipped lobes more or less.

Produce flowers- Not showy, fruit 1in, slightly flattened.

Reproduction method- the seeds from the flowers and the wind takes them from the tree and they fall to ground, it rains and then they reproduce.

Fall color- Red-orange, to orange

pest- oak wit,otherwise none serious

size- 60-80 ft. tall, 40-60 ft. wide

scientific name- Quercus Shumardail

Red Cedar Tree

Common Name: Red Cedar

Growth Rate: 100 ft

Climate: Rainfall

Life span: 600-900

Leaves- Red cedar have scale like leaves that are rounded and close to the branch. White Cedar have scale - like leaves that are flattened into sprays.

Reproduction Method: Cedar trees are cousins of fur trees and a member of the family pinncae, since other species of trees such as western cedar are commonly called cedars.

Fall color: red tint, rusty

Live Oak Tree

Common Name: Quereus Virginiana "live oak"

Growth Rate: 40-50ft

Climate: northern hemisphere.

life span: 200 years

Describe leaves: the leaves are long and pointy with little point at the end that hold water.

reproduction method: Oaks can start reproducing from the age of 20, but more commonly it is until they are between 40 and 50 that acorns are successfully produced. while trees may produce very few acorns in a particular year, every three years the enjoy a "met" year in which they can produce tens of thousands 0f acorns.