Third Grade Blazers

October Newsletter

Meet the Third Grade Team!

Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Haupt, Mrs. Keenan & Mrs. Pingatore

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Important Dates:

Friday, October 5 - Schools dismiss 2 hours early

Monday, November 5 - No School

Tuesday, November 6 - No School

Tuesday, October 16- Picture Day!!

It is not too late to fill out the paperwork for Free or Reduce Meals, just follow the link above!

Social Studies & Science

The students started the year off with a Social Studies unit about Culture. During this unit, the students worked to compare their own culture to other cultures around the world. As a part of this unit, students worked to create class books describing their culture. Thank you for working with your student explain their culture to them! Our books could not have been created without your support! After students had an understanding of their own culture, we studied other cultures around the world. We even made Calabashes while studying Kenyan culture!

Up next, we will be moving on to our first Science unit of the year, Weather and Climate! We will begin this unit by identifying climate and weather. As the unit continues, students are introduced to weather monitoring tools and hazardous weather. As a final project, students will work together to create a design to stop flooding.

Numbers just "add" up!

We are off to a great start in Math! We have just finished our first unit in Math. During this unit, the students were challenged to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. In addition, the students worked to deep their understanding of addition and subtraction while solving one and two step word problems. The students will work to master these skills when they return in Quarter 2!

Up next in Math is multiplication! Over the next month, the students will begin to develop an understanding of multiplication. The students will being to solve multiplication problems using manipulatives and pictorial representations. As the students begin to develop an understanding of multiplication they will start to apply strategies such as: repeated addition, arrays, area models, and equal groups. The following resources can be used at home to provide extra support for students.

Multiplication Resources:


  1. Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep.

  2. Find or make a quiet place for your child to work or read at home.

  3. Encourage your child to share with you what he/she has learned or bought home

  4. Practice addition and subtractions facts

  5. Read everyday

  6. Read to you child! Children need good role models to become good readers.

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"You Can Make Anything By Writing!" - C.S. Lewis

This quarter introduces third graders to narrative writing (true stories). Students will increase writing productivity and independence. The students will invest more time with rehearsal for writing, collecting lots of quick drafts of possible stories in notebook entries then select just one to put through the writing process to result in publication. Editing is also a focus on using writing partnerships for feedback and discussion. Another focus for all the units will be productivity--on sheer volume of writing. Third graders should be able to write a page long entry in one sitting. Students will use the process of "flash-drafting" to build this productivity.

A message from our Amazing BRES PTA!

Thank you to all of our parents who have supported our PTA by joining. The cost of membership is $8 and the funds go to support our schools. This is an excellent organization that works with our teachers and administration to provide the very best for our children! If you need a membership form, please stop by the office and we will gladly provide one for you. PTA representatives will be at our Back to School event. The first meeting with the PTA board will be October 4th at 6:00 in our media center. Please join us!

Third Grade Team

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Mrs. Keenan (A209) - (ex. 60364)

Mrs. Pingatore (A211) - (ex. 60366)

Mrs. Haupt (A208) - (ex. 60363)