By: Lauren Baeza

What is the role of DNA in biotechnology?

DNA research is used to develop biotechnology.

How is biotechnology used in DNA testing?

People use biotechnology for paternity tests and forensics testing.

How is biotechnology used in the health industry?

People can take DNA and change it to cure or treat different diseases.

How is biotechnology used in enviromental clean-up?

When there are oil spills different types of bacteria that biotechnology used and changed will clean up the oil spills.
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What are potential negative impacts of biotechnology?

Biotechnology can threaten biodiversity, harm human health, and change the geography of agricultural production.

Agricultural Biotechnology Companies

Agricultural Biotechnology companies can supply tools to farmers. The companies find ways to use plants as fuel. They also help to make plant and anila production increase. The companies lower the csts for farmers. The scientists in the companies make different things that can protect the plants and animals from diseases. The agricultural biotechnology companies help find farmers the best plnts and animals for certain breeding programs.
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How is biotechnology used in agriculture?

Scientists can put different genes in plants to protect the plant from different kinds of bugs and diseases.
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North Carolina is ranked among the top 5 biggest biotechnology state. NC is ranked number 4.
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