Element on the Loose

Wanted for buring victims with inefective sunscreen

Zinc: Wanted

In June of 2015, America's favorite sunscreen, Rayblock, burned hundreds of people by not protecting them from the sun. The culprit? Zinc. Zinc goes by other names such as zinc oxide, zinc alloys, and it's nickname, "the great protector". Raybolck is made of zinc, just like every other sunscreen. Unfortunately, Zinc was seeking revenge after he heard suspicions of the US penny being "worthless" and suspected they may discontinue them. Pennies are made of 80% Zinc so this would be devastating for all pennies. Local authorities have found that Zinc (Zn) has burned only people who have had relations to the penny case or have expressed they feel this way.
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Last Known Whereabouts and Associates

This element was last seen on the periodic table with the transition metals. He may also be hiding in the Earth's Crust where there is evidence there could be 2 billion tons of zinc lying just beneath the surface. In order to make sunscreen zinc works alongside oxide to form Zinc Oxide (ZnO). If you see either, contact your local police.