By: Carson Bridges

Brief summary of light:

Visible light has a wavelength of 390-700 nanometers, and the frequency of 430-790 hertz. It comes in handy for almost all of our everyday needs.

EX: 1. CDs are red using lasers that produce coherent light in your average CD players.

2. These lasers are used in laser printers as well

3. The military are known to use these coherent light for their aiming systems

4. The final use of light is the most simplest, for seeing everything around you

Without light you couldn't see anything.

What is Light?
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See Through Cells

These solar cells are commonly known as solar panels, and are known to require a lot of material and is very heavy for just one solar panel. This year, Richard Lunt and his team of researchers have created a new type of solar panel, one that uses less resources and is more convenient looking. They have created a window solar panel that's as efficient as the normal panels. If this panel is use around our homes, then our electricity bills will decline drastically, we would even stop relying on oil and the gas prices that are currently rising.
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