Sycamore News

March 2020

Monthly Events

1-5 - Read Across America Week

4 - Principal for a Day virtual visit with Adrian Contreras, Owner of Brot Coffee Co.

8 - Kids Heart Challenge Kick-off virtual assemblies

8-19 - Kids Heart Challenge online fundraiser for the American Heart Association

9 - EcoHero virtual Assembly

10 - 3rd Trimester begins

14 - Daylight Savings - Spring Forward one hour!

17 - St. Patrick's Day - Wear Green today!!

26 - Jump for Heart Day!!

29- April 2 - Spring Break

Read Across America Week

Click the link to see all of our events and activities you can do and view with your child to celebrate Reading!!
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Kids Heart Challenge Fundraiser and Event

Beginning March 8, we will be raising funds for the American Heart Association. This will be an online fundraiser and students can earn prizes as they register and raise funds. Our finale event will be on March 26 with a Jump rope and online dance routine event.

Third Trimester begins March 10

I can’t believe we are already starting the 3rd trimester! As we are working to make room for as many students to be on campus as wish to, please remember to help our drop off and pick up be as safe as possible. Pull all the way forward in your car so that students behind you can enter or exit their cars safely and quickly. This is important so that we don’t have crowds of students waiting together. If you park your car or walk to pick up you child, please be sure to come across the parking lot to your child. They cannot walk into the parking lot without an adult.

Thank you!!

Thank you so much to the families who have donated wood sealer, brushes, soil and seeds to our garden boxes. Thank you to Mr. Andy for putting the boxes together. We will be filling them with soil and seeds this week! Kids will have the opportunity to water and care for our plants as we watch them grow this season!