Re-Imagining School

Encourage Creativity to Flourish

Ken Robinson Ted Talk

Ken Robinson is a fabulous education speaker. There are many videos on the internet of him speaking and I encourage you to watch as many as you can. He has many ideas on re-imagining the modern classroom. He is a England native and now lives in California traveling around the world speaking on the topic of education.

Multiple Intelligences

According to Gardner humans have eight (later revised to nine) intelligences. This challenged the idea of the classic IQ test determining a student's intelligence. The eight intelligences include:

Linguistic Intelligence: the ability to use and interpret language

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence: the ability to use logic and math to understand underlying principles of a topic

Musical Rhythmic Intelligence: the ability to use music and rhythm and the different elements that go along with those topics

Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence: using motion and body movement to understand certain concepts

Spatial Intelligence: the way to think about the real world in their mind; an example is envisioning a map while driving around

Naturalist Intelligence: learns from and uses the natural world around them to learn

Intrapersonal Intelligence: the ability to have a deep understand of self and have the ability to self-reflect on situations

Interpersonal Intelligence: the ability to communicate well people to people

Existential Intelligence: poses questions about life, death, and ultimate realities (this is the 9th on that was added a few years after a re-evaluation of the original research)

These intelligences radicalized the way people thought of intelligence. It made creativity and subjects people did not normally value a bigger priority. These nine intelligences really make sense. In a re-imagined classroom every lesson will allow for all the intelligences to be met. This would create a classroom where any learner can learn. The lesson plans that play to every students' strength. In my re-imagined classroom these intelligences would be utilized to their fullest potential.

Over-diagnosis of ADHD

Eleven percent of children in the United States are diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It seems ADHD is being diagnosed at an alarming rate! The students who do not seem to fit into the normal box of school are diagnosed with an attention disorder, which is not always necessarily true. They just might not learn in the typical school environment. In an every increasing environment where teachers are forced to teach toward the test, students are forced into a tinier and tinier box and expected to perform at an accelerating level. By providing different outlets for the student to learn and teaching toward the student instead of the test, I believe many behavioral and attention issues can be taken care of without medication or the need of a diagnosis.

Below you will find another Ken Robinson video and his views on ADHD

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms


Below you will find a video I created that shows my views on a re-imagined school. It is the way I hope schools develop. I want students to not only understand the facts, but the process behind the facts. Why is a fact so set in stone? I want them to be curious about their world! Luckily the new development in technology allows students to see the information at an alarming rate. They can look up videos, such as the one below, at the drop of a hat. While I would prefer the students be experiencing the video in the real world setting, technology allows for students to have these experiences without needing to be in the actual setting. Enjoy!
Re-imagined Classroom