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Can Video Games Make You High?

Scientist have studied this question and they have turned up with only this: The new advancement of neuro-headsets has people majorly addicted to video games. This has become no joke, now people are going weeks without food or water. Even though you can get heavily addicted to video games and may kill yourself, you can not get high off of video games. It is however, a bad habit and you should restrict yourself.

This is a PSA

a public service announcement that the rumor of a disease that spreads though the neuro headset is completely false

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Brain Jack: Movie Review

Brain Jack is a must see movie. it is recreating the matrix. it feels like you're smart because of the brainy words used that don't actually exist. it has Fargus a comedic relief that makes you split your pants. a love interest Vienna who is played by Drew Barrymore that just makes this movie all around for all ages, genres, and types. it will make you think about how technology is changing the world like "technology can rip everyone's life apart if taken away then we are back to the stone-age." -Anonymous