Lioudmila Haimovici

Lioudmila Haimovici: Successful Medical Student

Lioudmila Haimovici

Though Lioudmila Haimovici is now a successful member of the medical community, as well as a well-respected plastic and reconstructive surgeon, she was once a very successful academic, earning numerous honors and awards for her continually high performance and demonstrable dedication to higher learning. She was a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society from 1995 to 1997, as well as a Summa Cum Laude Graduate of Hunter College in 1997.

Lioudmila Haimovici: Numerous Publications

Lioudmila Haimovici is currently a dedicated cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, someone who is committed to providing patients the procedures and treatments they need to look and feel their best. Though Haimovici is now a successful surgeon, she has also experienced considerable success in the field of academia, including through her extensive work on several notable publications throughout her academic career.

Lioudmila Haimovici, as well as colleagues George Angus and Eric Seitleman, were responsible for a publication titled Cardiac thromboemboli complicating gunshot wound to the heart, which was featured in Surgical Rounds in October of 2007. Earlier that same year, Haimovici, along with Sotirios Papafragkou and Edmond Kessler, were the primary authors of Handlebar Hernia: Traumatic abdominal wall hernia with multiple enterotomies. A case report and literature review, a publication featured in March, 2007 issue of The Journal of Pediatric Surgery. A year earlier, Haimovici and colleagues Sotirios Papafragkou and Steward Fox published Salivary Gland Tumor of The Mediastinum, which was prominently featured in The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery in 2006.

Lioudmila Haimovici, along with Sotirios Papafragkou, and Leonard Barrett, were responsible for the publication Hepatic Artery Aneurysm eroding into the stomach with clinical picture of haematemesis and Haematochezia, which was featured in the January 2010 edition of the Journal of Emergency Medicine. Her most recent publication, which she produced along with colleague Alexander Dagum, was titled The impact of fiberwire, fiberloop and locking suture configuration on flexor tendon repairs, and was featured in the “Annals of Plastic Surgery” in October of 2012.

Lioudmila Haimovici: Advocating for Women’s Rights

Accomplished plastic surgeon Lioudmila Haimovici spends her professional life helping women achieve the look, feel and confidence they’ve always wanted, providing cosmetic surgery that helps to repair the deformities often resulting from such factors as genetics, aging, pregnancy, obesity and more. A talented and well-trained surgeon, she is devoted to the premise that cosmetic surgery helps her patients achieve the self-esteem and confidence they need to live happier lives, and to take on the challenges of modern living more effectively than ever before.

Aside from providing high-quality surgical treatment, Lioudmila Haimovici is also a passionate advocate for gender equality; someone who is always seeking ways to promote and push for equal rights for women in every sector of the professional world. Though she knows how much progress the women’s movement has made in terms of positive change for the female gender, she also understands that much work still needs to be done, and that the fight for equal footing for women is one that must go on, particularly as much of the professional world is still dominated by men.

Lioudmila Haimovici strives to empower women to succeed, not only through the cosmetic surgery they need to feel, look and perform better, but also through advocacy for equality in terms of upward mobility in the workplace, equal pay and the achievement of an equal playing field in every facet of their lives. As a mother and role model to her daughter, someone who is constantly juggling the demands of both career and motherhood, Haimovici understands the importance of working towards a brighter and better future for all women throughout the world.

Lioudmila Haimovici: A Powerful Combination

Lioudmila Haimovici continues to practice the full scope of plastic surgery, and is an expert when it comes to both Hand and Aesthetic Surgery. As someone with extensive training in such fields as Reconstructive, Hand and Plastic surgeries, respectively, Haimovici is able to benefit every patient through extensive knowledge and expertise of her field, and to provide real results that help peo0ple look, feel and perform better than they thought possible.

With both an intense desire for perfection and a powerful natural instinct for aesthetics, Lioudmila Haimovici is able to provide every patient the best, most precise procedures and services; combining the latest in advanced surgical techniques in such procedures as breast augmentation, facelift and eyelid surgery, liposuction, tummy tucks, labiaplasty and body tightening after weight loss to help return confidence and self-esteem to everyone she treats. She understands how cosmetic surgery, contrary to how many people feel, can go far beyond the simple depth of the skin, and can help to restore what many may have lost. Confidence, self-respect and self-esteem can all be powerful consequences of these advanced and quite effective techniques.

Lioudmila Haimovici, a collector of art and someone with a deep respect of natural beauty, appreciates the natural female form, as well as how plastic and reconstructive surgery can do wonders when it comes to improving the deformities that result from such things as pregnancy, aging, obesity, genetics and more. She strives to improve people’s lives, using her considerable talent, training and precision to provide everyone the opportunity to look, feel and perform better for a long, long time.

Lioudmila Haimovici - Believer

Lioudmila Haimovici has dedicated her life and career to empower and inspire women. She has intentionally lived in a way that puts herself as a role model for any woman considering juggling motherhood with a successful career. Lioudmila Haimovici is a Plastic Surgeon who devotes her work to making women feel better about themselves in an effort to get them perform better in life. However, Lioudmila Haimovici does not mean this to come off as pretentious: she believes that if a person looks good, they will feel good, which will actually motivate them to perform better in everything they do. Lioudmila Haimovici believes that if she continues to focus on making an impact on patients’ lives in addition to their physical appearances, she will continue to find success.

Lioudmila Haimovici is a strong believer in the art of Plastic Surgery, and holds a strong appreciation for the classical beauty of the female body as portrayed in Roman, Greek, and Renaissance Art. Instead of offering services to women that will improve their physical appearance, Lioudmila Haimovici says she is implanting a true artistic beauty that goes beyond the aesthetic level. A cosmetic procedure is often capable of restoring confidence and self-worth to a patient, which is distinctly independent of how a patient is perceived or believes that are perceived by others. It is a self-anointed kind of beauty and serves to help one’s self-actualization.

Instead of being satisfied with the work she is currently doing, Lioudmila Haimovici constantly researched and writes in publications on new techniques or methods. In spending effort to contribute to more effective cosmetic surgery, Lioudmila Haimovici hopes to give every patient a renewed sense of self-worth.

Lioudmila Haimovici - Capabilities

Lioudmila Haimovici is an extremely passionate plastic surgeon with a long history of education. She is also a mother who wishes to be seen as a role model to all young women considering juggling motherhood with a full-time fulfilling career. Lioudmila Haimovici’s work must be performed at a consistently high level, and she carries this mentality to all sections of her life. Instead of simply being content with her role in life, Lioudmila Haimovici believes that she is one of the few truly accomplished women with the ability to spark a change in the next generation of women, and hopes to inspire other women to fight for their rights and earn their way to the top positions in the industrial world and the government.

Lioudmila Haimovici is a well-trained and extremely educated surgeon in New York. Originally from Russia, she has dedicated her life to accomplishing something akin to the American Dream. Lioudmila Haimovici was consistently the receiver of multiple honors, awards and scholarships all through her education and career, and is an expert in both hand and reconstructive surgeries. On top of her extremely formidable career prestige, Lioudmila Haimovici is also a well-known competitive swimmer who has placed in multiple swimming competitions.

Because of these two facets of her life, Lioudmila Haimovici believes she is capable of helping other women find things they are extremely good at. She believes this can be accomplished by giving her patients an appearance that they desire. This will then allow them to see themselves and appreciate themselves as beautiful women. Lioudmila Haimovici believes that once the women feel better about themselves, the effects will carry into their lives and help them perform beyond their expectations.