Possible Careers

Bradyn Glebe

Mlb scout


Approximately 1 million a year.

90 percent job rate.

Baseball Scouting : How to Become a Major League Baseball Scout

Fish and game warden

About 78,000 dollars a year

60 percent job rate

26.00 dollars a hour

So you want to be a Conservation Officer / Fish and Game Warden


74,000 dollars a year

80 percent job rate

4 years of college

How to Become an Architect? CareerBuilder Videos from funza Academy.

Physicians and Surgeons

200,000 dollars a year

100 percent job rate

7 years of college

Medical Careers : How to Become a Physical Therapist

Diesel Engineer

43,000 dollars a year

50 percent job rate

3 years of college

Become a Diesel Engine Mechanic